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2019 Wedding Trends

2019 wedding trends include profound but understated declarations of love: deep, mature colors, unadorned cakes, and minimalist décor. But taking a step back from the extravagance of yesteryear leaves plenty of room for exciting twists like untraditional dresses and neon signage. Here are some of this year’s hottest topics in wedding planning for your special day.

For 2019, autumn weddings are on everyone’s mind and these fall ceremonies evoke a sense of bounty, blessing, joyous endings and new beginnings. As such, fashion and decoration appropriately reflect the season. Coral may be the color of the year, but rich purple-red tones also go perfectly with metallic accents, wildly popular dahlias and bouquets bedecked with sweet, bountiful berries. Muted versions of vernal colors – dusty rose, sage green, and mustard yellow – gracefully surrender spring to fall.

Likewise, dresses offer longer sleeves and layers for the crisper temperatures. Brides-to-be are also opting for sustainable choices, and the “second dress” allows them to wow everyone a second time while offering a more comfortable outfit for dancing and mingling.

One of the year’s most unexpected trends is neon – signs proclaiming romantic sentiments or portraying symbols like hearts. These vintage-looking pieces are eye-catching conversation starters and perfect photo backdrops.

Setting is crucial for fall weddings, and temperate regions are the best places to experience this most captivating of seasonal changes. New England weddings remain popular due to the area’s unique combination of natural splendor and history. Sea and woods converge to offer an environment like no other, and an outdoor ceremony is a must when the leaves are changing color. On the North Shore, Tupper Manor is a great place to host your upcoming nuptials, offering a beautiful, historic setting, spacious grounds for the festivities, and a place for your guests to stay.

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